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Focus Group Cybersecurity

Our Goal:

Facilitate the development of a trustworthy European Cybersecurity Supply Ecosystem


Mapping the European Cyber Security Ecosystem

In our mappings we identify the most promising carriers of this offer and facilitate their development across Europe. This mapping is based on criteria and sub-domains of activity. Companies should have reached or exceeded a level of maturity.

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Join our pan-European cybersecurity awareness campaign

The ECA is launching an exclusive, pan-European cybersecurity awareness campaign crowd-funded by its members and friends! Please join us now in this campaign where more than 100 European Cybersecurity companies will join forces to reach out to decision-makers!


Provide a knowledge and action platform and network for the European growth of our Cyber Security Champions

  • KNOWLEDGE: We’ll curate, create and publish relevant information, like market and company mappings, trend reports, market reports, etc.
  • NETWORK: We’ll bring together experts, entrepreneurs, relevant public and private institutions, and industry leaders in the field of cybersecurity to meet, exchange, and create meaningful business opportunities in Europe.
  • ACTION: We onboard the best European service providers that can help our members fulfill their development projects with high-quality standards and quick execution.

Foster the growth of our European Cyber Security Ecosystem by providing a secure and operative network

  • CONNECT: We connect growing companies with the relevant decision-makers (European purchasing issues)
  • PARTNER: Together with our partners, we’ll help connect relevant and industry-specific initiatives and companies in Europe to support smart collaboration and cross-border partnerships of all types.
  • PROMOTE: We’ll promote the European Cyber Security Ecosystem in Europe and beyond.

Our Cybersecurity Publications

  EUROPEAN DIGITAL SOVEREIGNTY: THE MATURITY OF FRENCH PLAYERS IN QUESTION YES or NO, are French players mature enough to reach critical size?   Interview with Luc d’Urso, CEO ATEMPO and Member of ECA  ECA: A wind of digital sovereignty is currently blowing across Europe.......

“Tixeo, Oodrive and Olvid create the first French consortium by launching the TOO 2022 project. Their ambition? To create a secure and sovereign collaborative suite.”   The ECA is glad to relay the information on TOO 2022, a joint initiative by TIXEO (a videoconference platform......

Another big project from the last few months has been finished! We searched, sorted, and collected information about almost 250 Integrator and Service companies across Europe. Some general information: Our first version of the Service & Integrators mapping hereby contains four different slides of which,......

Another big project from the last few months has been finished! We searched, sorted, and collected information about almost 150 Fund companies across Europe. Some general information: The first mapping about Funds hereby contains three different slides of which, companies invest “mainly”, “regularly”, or just......

On April 26, 2022, the ECA gathered 5 excellent speakers to discuss Threat detection and Vulnerability assessment. Though looking technical, this topic is of key importance as cyber-attacks have never been so intensive. The first step to building robust protection is to know what can......

  (In the picture, from left to right : Karen Sunderman EclecticIQ, Frédéric Picquionne Sekoia, Robin Denis Thetris, Romain Boissin Oodrive, Marie de Freminville Starboard Advisory, Fabien Dombard Sekoia, Jean-Yves Debaillon-Vesque Tehtris, Jan Lachner Oodrive,  Marie Belloeil Conscio Technology) On April 6-7, the ECA attended SCSD. We have been greeted there with great pleasure by Mr. Beat Kunz, the manager of the......

The Importance of having an eID to safely access web services   Our ECA member CRYPTSHARE has issued a complete Blog post on electronic ID. eID is now widely used in dealings with Swedish banks. However, it can also be used in Identity and Access......

Response by our member Advens to the European Cybersecurity Campaign Messages we wanted to illustrate    Taken together, European Cybersecurity Companies cover the whole range of Cyberthreats: from industrial control systems to IT systems, from ID and access management to threat detection and response, from......

Response by our member Tehtris to the European Cybersecurity Campaign The benefits of European solutions vs non-European and insights from TEHTRIS on placing innovation and research well above promotion   Just like we were among the first members of the E C A, taking part......

Cyber Security Blog

Post in collaboration with our member emma   As businesses harness the strengths of multiple cloud providers to enhance performance and minimize vendor lock-in, the popularity of multi-cloud solutions continues to surge.   However, this rise in popularity also brings an accompanying increase in cybersecurity......

Unveiling the Success of the Global Encryption Forum 2023 On the 16th of November, in Lausanne, Switzerland, Encryption Europe, sponsored by Vaultree, partnered with Trust Valley, the Economy of Trust Foundation, and Unlimitrust by SICPA to hold the Global Encryption Forum 2023. This community-gathering event......

The ECA at FIC (International Cybersecurity Forum) 2023 The ECA had the pleasure of hosting the first-ever Cybersecurity German-French booth at FIC, on April 5-7. Our estimated partners were five companies, three German and two French: BUILD38 (Mobile devices protection), EXEO (Cloud management and security),......

From April 5th to 7th, 2023, the ECA will attend the 15th edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) in Lille. This marks our first time having an official European Booth and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome you.   What has FIC to offer?......

Our Cybersecurity Members

Collaborative Tools, Cybersecurity, France, Germany, Start-up/Scale-up

Our partners

Logo Teletrust

The IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrusT) is a widespread competence network for IT security comprising members from industry, administration, consultancy, and research as well as national and international partner organizations with similar objectives. With a broad range of members and partner organizations, TeleTrusT embodies the largest competence network for IT security in Germany and Europe.

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The Dutch security cluster ‘The Hague Security Delta’ is a network of businesses, governments, and knowledge institutions, that work together on knowledge development and innovation in security. They have a common goal: a more secure world, more business activity, and more jobs. The Dutch security cluster is supported by the HSD Office.

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